Tech N9ne – Drink Up

Tech N9ne and producer Seven link up for the hard-hitting “Drink Up.” Tech N9ne is among the hardest working rappers in the game. It seems Strange Music, his independently-run label, always has something up their sleeve, whether it be another Tech album (those seem to happen like clockwork, almost yearly) or a compilation from his crew, or another artist on the roster, he’s developed a consistent and constant release schedule.

Today he paves the way for his own next album, Planet, now that his collaborations albums, Strange Reign, has seen its release. Planet is scheduled for release in March, 2018, although this particular song has been a long time coming– fans were first treated to a preview of it in August.

The full record is produced by mainstay Seven, and finds Tech allowing for a drink or two, simply because he wants to. As to be expected with Tech’s music, the production is masterful and big in sound, from sprawling sirens to the hard-hitting bed of drums, to the ringing of bells. All the while, Tech proclaims he will never give up the drink.

Stay tuned for more details on Planet, you can listen to this new song on all streaming services.