Hoodrich Pablo Juan – Money On Fleek

Hoodrich Pablo Juan, Bighead and

Captaincrunch drop off “Money On Fleek.” Hoodrich Pablo Juan’s had a great year thusfar but it’s only the beginning. After penning a deal with Gucci Mane’s 1017 Eskimo label, he’s been in go-mode and had no intentions of slowing down. Today, he links up with Bighead and CAPTAINCRUNCH for his latest single “Money On Fleek.”

Hoodrich Pablo’s delivers a low key banger that’ll have the whole room vibrating. With captaincrunch and bighead delivering drippy, trap production, Juan’s low and raspy voice glides through the track. “Money On Fleek” has Hoodrich flexin’ out the trap.

It’s a solid effort from him and it’s nice to hear him working with some of the underground’s most prominent artists right now.

After dropping Designer Drugz 3 earlier this year, Hoodrich is on the way to making a major mark in the music industry. Now that he’s with Gucci, he has the guidance of an OG artist with a stern grip on the game.