EarthGang – House ft. Mick Jenkins

EarthGang and Mick Jenkins are a match made in lyrical heaven. EarthGang’s week continues to steady climb. Yesterday, the Atlanta duo announced that they had signed with J.Cole’s Dreamville records, which is actually a perfect fit for them.

The group already has outstanding chemistry with the underrated J.I.D, and has collaborated with Cole in the past. The announcement came on the eve of EarthGang’s latest drop, the five-track Rags EP, which features guest appearances from J.I.D., Childish Major, and Chicago’s Mick Jenkins.

The latter happens to make a much appreciated appearance on “House,” and Mick’s poetic bars help solidify the closing track as an EP highlight. While some people are quick to claim that hip-hop today doesn’t care about lyricism, it seems as if they simply aren’t looking for the right acts.

As far as the bars are concerned, both Johnny Venus and Doctur Dot consistently come correct, weaving together an Outkast-esque blend of clever wordplay, smooth flows, and keen melodic ears. When you add Mick Jenkins into the mix, you’ve got another one of the game’s most interesting and underrated lyricists.

It’s no wonder that the lyrical, upbeat funk of “House” stands out amidst a sea of trap bangers. Doctur Dot’s closing verse exemplifies what the group does best, blending Southern optimism with the visceral nature of the trap’s tragic reality.

“Sometimes, sometimes when the weather real shitty, And the wind shield wipers and the music on the same beat as I ride through the city, peep the ghost of my n*gga posted up on the same street that he died in the city” raps Dot, painting a vivid picture in an imaginative and relatable way.

It’s a good look from the Gang, and the funky bounce of the instrumental brings out an extra layer of Atlanta flavor. Go peep Rags, and keep an eye out for two more EPs from EarthGang, coming soon.

Take a Listen Below…